Turning a Blog Into an Ebook

If you have a successful blog with a good following, chances are you’ve thought about publishing an ebook. The world of digital self-publishing has made this very easy, and it’s a great way to monetize a blog. But a lot of bloggers aren’t sure how to convert their blog posts into a coherent, uploadable ebook. This is something I specialize in. Check out this example:

INFJ Personality: The Tao of INFJ

All you have to do is send me the link to your blog and I:

  • Organize your posts into a coherent structure
  • Perform content edits to make it all fit together and flow well
  • Copy edit to refine your writing
  • Format your ebook with links, images, and an interactive table of contents
  • Write an SEO-optimized blurb to help you market your book

If you’ve been thinking about turning your blog into an ebook, get in touch and let’s get started!