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During my time in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at the University of New Orleans, I threw myself into several research projects, mostly in the areas of New Orleans history and American cultural history. When I completed my MFA in 2012, I immediately entered UNO’s Master of History program on the public history track, writing my thesis on the Late Victorian bicycle club culture of New Orleans.

Thesis: Knights, Dudes, and Shadow Steeds: Late Victorian Culture and the Early Cycling Clubs of New Orleans: 1881 – 1891

If you’re not keen to read a master’s thesis, you can also read about the early cyclists of New Orleans on my blog or on a virtual historical tour:

The Blog: Shadow Steeds in the Crescent City

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.04.02 PM

Historical “Tour”: Shadow Steeds of the Crescent City

This one is really neat because you can do the ten-stop “tour” through the New Orleans Historical website or download the New Orleans Historical app to your phone for a geolocation enabled tour that includes historical images. Easily doable by bike or streetcar.

My Interview with The Gambit


Beer and Tonic, With a Splash of Hysteria: Vaughan’s Lounge

Ritchie Betts: The Young New Orleans Cycling Promoter
Who Became “The Father of American Motorcycling”

Academie Gnostique: New Orleans’ School For Occult Science and
Traditional Mystical Education

Astride Lofty Wheels: Three New Orleanians
Ride New Orleans to Boston in 1886

Fabric Warrior

The Brief But Significant Life of Audubon Driving Park

“Sh-h-h-h! Boom! Ah! Lou-is-i-an-a!”: A Short History of
the Louisiana Cycling Club

A Moveable Race

How the Greatest Freak Shows on Earth Came to Be

Freak-Sta-Grams: Social Media for Sideshows in the 1800s

Annie Jones and Other Badass Bearded Ladies

Bad Bitches of the Airwaves: These Divas’ Sultry Voices
Were the Stuff of GI Nightmares

American Black Ops Radio

Axis Sally: How an American Girl Achieved Nazi Fame

Out in the Street: The Cycling Community Gains Ground in New Orleans

A practiceable and enjoyable aid to locomotion

Neighbor in a Strange Land: Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun

The Past as Destiny, The Place as Self: Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul

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