Reviews of the Face Mask

Want to leave feedback on your face mask? You can leave it here in the comments. You can also just say mean things about me. It’s a free country.

Meanwhile, here’s my own review.

My gym is opening up again soon but will require masks. Wearing a mask while working out does not sound ideal, but I decided to try out the breatability of mine with exercise. So I wore it to go roller skating at the pavillion on the Mississippi River at Crescent Park here in hot, muggy New Orleans.

I wore it for about 30 minutes while skating in the low-80s mugginess. Not too bad, actually. I could breathe fine. I struggle with having any restrictions on my breathing and for this reason cannot do things like scuba dive or play a wind instrument, so my tolerance here says a lot. I also did not have any glasses fogging besides what normally happens when warm skin meets glasses and New Orleans summer humidity.

I’m thinking that wearing it while working out in an air conditioned building will be pretty doable, but I guess I will find out for sure when New Orleans Athletic Club opens on Monday. When I try it I will do a separate post about that and link it here.

Another review from me:

My gym opened today, so I went this morning. Here’s the thing: the gym requires masks at all times. Yes, you’re expected to work out while wearing a mask. So I gave it a try with one of mine.

Granted, I didn’t do any hard cardio. I played around in the basketball gym for a while, did some light weights, hit the rope-climbing machine. Worked up a little heavy breathing and a light sweat. I found it doable. The space around my mouth allowed me to breathe freely (it’s similar to the vertical duckbill style), and the microfleece kept moisture buildup at bay.

When I was alone in a weight room, I did pull it off briefly for a couple of breaths of non-mask air. It was cool and pleasant for sure. But wearing the mask wasn’t torture, at all. I never felt like I wasn’t getting enough air. And this was actually with a more heavy-duty MERV-16 furnace filter insert and not the more breathable Filti, which I might change it out for next time.

Maybe next time I’m there I’ll get a selfie of me in my workout mask. It matches my workout pants and everything.